Dina de Brozzi


Dina was born in Parma Italy in 1971, and at age of 10, her father gave her a set of oil paints on the understanding that it would remain a hobby, but in reality it became her life's passion and her chosen profession.

Dina studied at the Artistic Lyceum in Bologna, the Institute of Decorative Arts in Paris, and The Charles Cecil Studio in Florence. Her ability to work with large canvases, has proven very successful and useful when working on "Trompe LOeil" Murals, for private residences and hotel clients.

Working in Europe, and the US, Dina's art is reaching a global marketplace, however in the last seven years, she has decided to follow her true passion, and concentrate mainly on non commission "Genre" paintings.

In 2007, she had a sold out exhibition, of independent paintings at Harmony Hall in Antigua, and like Dina says, "the commission work is wonderful, as one is always grateful to paint for a patron, but the urge has always been with me to concentrate my painting on ideas of current social issues, and this can only be achieved by independent means."

To concentrate on non commission paintings, Dina has settled more in The West Indies, and divides her time between the Caribbean Island of Antigua, (where she has her studio and gallery) to Europe and the USA.

Following the success of the 2007 Exhibition "Great Ladies", Dina is now preparing for another solo exhibition in 2011. The paintings will address contemporary topics, with such subject matter as, Religion, sexuality and consumerism, also exploring some aspects of mother daughter relationships.

As Dina says, "The Great ladies" series, touched on idea's, exploring the relationship women have with their bodies, and the way they interact with a society so absurdly obsessed with unattainable thin bodies, and forever young flawless faces, (like the ones constantly bombarding us in magazines) that in the next exhibition, Dina will pick up from that conversation and try to go deeper exploring other types of illusions, mind fixations and poisonous thoughts, which take us away from our true nature, and real happiness.